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Upchain, the Promise of True Collaboration

The Upchain story began in 2015 to serve the needs of suppliers who manage product development cycles involving their large customers and supporting suppliers that both design and manufacture across multiple locations.

We are founded on the principal of addressing the endless list of broken promises of the traditional PLM solutions providers. The PLM promise is about collaborating between all stakeholders of an organization across the product lifecycle from conceptual phase to end of life. This includes sales, design, manufacturing and servicing the project. When PLM systems are designed by engineers for engineers, it’s becomes very hard to deliver on the promise of delivering information to all stakeholders and enabling them to act on that information.

At Upchain, we aim to deliver on that ultimate promise. Our solutions and progressive business model allows our customers to focus on what matters. Developing their products quicker, smarter and more efficiently. Our business model removes the barriers to entry including high costs associated with customization, infrastructure and maintenance of the environments.

We enable true collaboration at every step of the product lifecycle, making it faster, easier and more cost-effective, by allowing all value chain stakeholders to universally & instantly decode data anywhere.

Everything we do ties back the promise we make our customers.

Our Team

We’ve assembled an all-star leadership team to drive the innovation that our customers expect.
With these folks at the helm, the possibilities are endless.

Our Executive Team

Our Investors

Our Board of Directors

John Laslavic
John LaslavicFounder & CEO, Upchain
Ron Keyser
Ron KeyserFormer CIO ATS Automation
Richard Black
Richard BlackGeneral Partner, OpenText Enterprise Apps Fund
Sean Brownlee
Sean BrownleePartner, BDC Ventures