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For managing and collaborating on design, engineering, production, and maintenance data across the value chain. This means you can drive collaboration and maintain control across your organization, customers, and suppliers to be much more efficient and reduce any potential problems before they happen.

With Upchain,  companies of all sizes can ensure true collaboration across the value chain. Here’s how:

  • Democratize access to product & engineering data across your organization.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your clients’ and suppliers’ systems.

  • Manage operations and infrastructure costs.

  • Quickly implement and train new resources, thanks to the intuitive Upchain interface.


Facilitate true collaboration by making it easy for non-engineer/technical staff to access and understand complex, rapidly-changing product and engineering data. This allows your company to focus on what matters…conceptualizing and building your product better, smarter, quicker and more efficiently.


Working across the value chain is challenging when you can’t communicate with your clients’ and suppliers’ systems.

Upchain provides an efficient & cost-effective interface with customers and suppliers so that you can:

  • Eliminate the delays while third parties translate and input client data

  • Reduce errors resulting from missed client changes

  • Free up resources being wasted on integration and redeploy them in more constructive ways

  • Facilitate client audits and improve their results


PLM systems can be cost-prohibitive to purchase and implement, no matter what type of company you are.

Upchain’s business model offers dramatic cost savings in:

  • Software required

  • Customizing to different software configurations

  • Integration with legacy systems

  • Infrastructure costs, as it’s all on the Cloud



Centralized Resource Management

Work within highly regulated environments and ensure your files are kept safe and secure.

  • Improved coordination of resources
  • Proactive identification of needs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Economies of scale
  • Standardized processes

Universally Interchangeable Data

Single product model works both up & down the supply chain with multiple ERPs, PLMs, CADs and metadata.

  • Simplifies two lifecycles: design data files and item data files
  • Settles any disagreements on where the master is, promoting a true “single version of the truth”
  • Eliminates the need for translation service and costly additional software by providing access to required files needed to all stakeholders

Collaborate with Non-Engineer/Technical Staff

Non-engineers work with the overflow using common apps like MS Office and MS Outlook.

  • Make your Engineer’s job easier in reducing the amount of time needed to explain concepts to non-engineers
  • Reduce time wasted by non-engineer and technical staff looking for data from engineering staff.
  • Put key product data in stakeholder hands when they need it most. This makes everyone more efficient.
  • Communicate constantly when changes happen so everyone is informed right away. This ensures your team is working with the latest information.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

Work within highly regulated environments and ensure your files are kept safe and secure.

  • Structured format to keep all of your compliance information organized.
  • Promotes vital transparency of all engineering/product data for everyone who needs it.
  • Tracking of all compliance standards and certificates.
  • Process visibility which helps you in the event you need to support an audit.

Change Management & Issue Tracking

Change management made simple. Issues, RFQs, ECRs and ECNs fall within their own workflows.

  • Changes happen all the time, nobody’s perfect. Upchain automates the review process when changes happen and ensures staff are held to timelines to respect your deadlines.
  • We keep track of all changes throughout your product’s lifecycle and provide you with in-context links to all relevant product data and affected processes.
  • Ensures proper flow of change packages, which fully automates and streamlines the change process.
  • Complete reduction of administrative, engineering and manufacturing costs.

Complete Visibility & Control

Dashboards enhance real-time visibility and control over your team and project.

  • Complete executive visibility into your organization’s projects, means you don’t have to have “status meetings” as often.
  • As a product manager, know where all your projects are at a given time, and where your bottlenecks are, so you can perform the right interventions to drive to your goals.
  • Drill down into any area to get to the detail you need.