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Why Product Data is the Key to Profitability


Summary: Product data is dispersed throughout organizations which makes it hard to find and access. Centralizing this information improves efficiency and maximizes profitability. If your organization is involved in making things, it's imperative to make the most out of your data. Particularly when it comes to product data. Today we're going to look at: Where product data goes wrong How product [...]

Why Product Data is the Key to Profitability2018-12-12T13:56:26+00:00

Scaling the Tech Stack


Summary: Scaling a hardware startup is a challenge. But it's can be made easier with a data-driven strategy. Software that integrates with other solutions is key when it comes to leveraging data and scaling your tech stack. When you first start a hardware startup, the pressure is to scale. But it turns out it's not that simple. With 97% of hardware startups [...]

Scaling the Tech Stack2018-12-12T13:53:53+00:00

Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot


Summary: A quick pivot feels out of reach for many hardware companies. But it doesn't have to be that way. Organized product data is a simple way to make pivoting faster cheaper, and easier for hardware companies. Did you know that 97% of hardware startups aren't successful long-term? "97% of hardware startups ultimately fail or fizzle out without a large exit." [...]

Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot2018-12-12T13:53:51+00:00

Why ECRs are Costing You


Summary: Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, don't have to be as time-consuming as they so often are. Efficient data management, combined with automated workflows keep engineering teams focused on delivering value, cutting production costs and delivering better products faster. Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, play a big role in product development. And they might be costing you. Not only are they [...]

Why ECRs are Costing You2018-12-12T13:53:46+00:00

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For in PLM Prices


Summary: Organizations often end up paying way more for PLM software than they anticipate. Why? Because of the hidden fees vendors fail to mention upfront. There are 5 cost centers that greatly increase the price of PLM, so make sure to consider them during evaluation. The sticker price of PLM is rarely the whole story. In the 2018 CIMdata market analysis [...]

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For in PLM Prices2018-12-12T13:54:04+00:00

Smart Industry 2018


We're excited to announce we're attending Smart Industry 2018. Smart Industry 2018 is a conference dedicated to transforming the way manufacturers work. The conference will feature discussions and exhibits of the digital strategies that Industry 4.0 leaders use. Taking place in Chicago from September 24th-26th, Smart Industry 2018 brings together 300 manufacturing executives from medium and enterprise sized firms. These industry [...]

Smart Industry 20182018-12-12T13:54:30+00:00

Why You Need Value-focused Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)


Summary: Traditional supplier management squarely focuses on getting the lowest price for a part. Value-focused supplier relationship management, or SRM, promotes collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers as a best practice because it delivers long-term benefits. Pay a little more now, reap the rewards forever. As companies grow and scale in size, outsourcing is inevitable. So much so that, 70% of today's [...]

Why You Need Value-focused Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)2018-12-12T14:13:49+00:00

Why Product Recalls Cost Med Device Manufacturers $5,000,000 a day


Summary: Med device recalls are both dangerous for patients and expensive for companies — which is why the FDA approval process can be so grueling. By leveraging digital solutions to track products through the product development lifecycle, companies can reduce the risk of recall and get to market faster.  Breakthroughs in healthcare happen fast but can take years to hit the [...]

Why Product Recalls Cost Med Device Manufacturers $5,000,000 a day2018-12-12T13:58:39+00:00

IoT is Flipping Product Development on Its Head


Summary: The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed product development for the better. By closing the feedback loop and providing real-time data, manufacturers can now embrace true customer-centricity.  The product lifecycle is on the verge of a tremendous change — and we think that the internet of things (IoT) is going to be a big part of that. That's why we're [...]

IoT is Flipping Product Development on Its Head2018-12-12T13:55:49+00:00

Why Product End of Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Tragedy


Summary: Product end of life is difficult for manufacturers because they lack a comprehensive record of product data. Organized product data solves this problem by enabling teams with the information necessary to maximize profits during product end of life.  Here at Upchain, we take a pretty fatalistic view towards product development. That is, all products die. It might not be today, [...]

Why Product End of Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Tragedy2018-12-12T13:54:07+00:00