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Why Does B2B Software Suck?


Summary: B2B software lacks the positive user experience B2C solutions offer. The rise of SaaS with its focus on customer-centricity is, however, changing this, and improving B2B software for the better. Software has become a staple of everyday life and is used daily both at work and at home. And while the software we use at home has improved by leaps [...]

Why Does B2B Software Suck?2019-01-07T10:48:10-04:00

Why hardware startups can’t afford to fail slowly


Summary: Hardware startups don't have the time or money to fail slowly. By connecting processes and people, cloud PLM lets them fail fast, and get innovative products to market quickly. The hardware industry is a competitive place to be, especially if you're a newcomer. Of the hundreds of hardware startups that crop up each year, very few find success. In fact, [...]

Why hardware startups can’t afford to fail slowly2019-01-07T10:57:40-04:00

Why you lose out with homegrown systems


Summary: Homegrown systems can be effective short-term, but as organizations grow, they fall short. Based on the processes of the past, homegrown systems don't hold up long-term. We know managing data is hard. In fact, it's a problem 58% of manufacturers experience. 58% of manufacturers don't have a well-defined data management strategy in place. And things only get more difficult as [...]

Why you lose out with homegrown systems2019-01-07T11:18:52-04:00

A lack of collaboration in the workplace hurts your bottom Line


Summary: Poor collaboration in the workplace reduces quality, productivity, and profits. For teams to successfully collaborate, data needs to be easily accessed and shared across the value chain. There's been plenty of hype surrounding collaboration in the workplace. But does it actually impact organizations as much as we think it does? Today we're going look at what collaboration in the workplace [...]

A lack of collaboration in the workplace hurts your bottom Line2019-01-07T11:41:50-04:00

Why slack joining atlassian is a big deal


Summary: Slack partnering with Atlassian demonstrates the importance of technology that integrates and is best of breed. When sifting through software options, these are two qualities that are a must. In software, you have options galore. A large part of filtering through your options is considering whether you want a single suite solution or best of breed software. Today, we're going [...]

Why slack joining atlassian is a big deal2019-01-07T11:50:47-04:00

Why product data is the key to profitability


Summary: Product data is dispersed throughout organizations which makes it hard to find and access. Centralizing this information improves efficiency and maximizes profitability. If your organization is involved in making things, it's imperative to make the most out of your data. Particularly when it comes to product data. Today we're going to look at: Where product data goes wrong How product [...]

Why product data is the key to profitability2019-01-07T12:08:34-04:00

Scaling the Tech Stack


Summary: Scaling a hardware startup is a challenge. But it's can be made easier with a data-driven strategy. Software that integrates with other solutions is key when it comes to leveraging data and scaling your tech stack. When you first start a hardware startup, the pressure is to scale. But it turns out it's not that simple. With 97% of hardware [...]

Scaling the Tech Stack2019-01-03T15:04:54-04:00

Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot


Summary: A quick pivot feels out of reach for many hardware companies. But it doesn't have to be that way. Organized product data is a simple way to make pivoting faster cheaper, and easier for hardware companies. Did you know that 97% of hardware startups aren't successful long-term? "97% of hardware startups ultimately fail or fizzle out without a large exit." [...]

Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot2018-12-28T13:10:34-04:00

Why ECRs are Costing You


Summary: Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, don't have to be as time-consuming as they so often are. Efficient data management, combined with automated workflows keep engineering teams focused on delivering value, cutting production costs and delivering better products faster. Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, play a big role in product development. And they might be costing you. Not only are they [...]

Why ECRs are Costing You2019-01-22T12:22:09-04:00

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For in PLM Prices


Summary: Organizations often end up paying way more for PLM software than they anticipate. Why? Because of the hidden fees vendors fail to mention upfront. There are 5 cost centers that greatly increase the price of PLM, so make sure to consider them during evaluation. The sticker price of PLM is rarely the whole story. In the 2018 CIMdata market analysis [...]

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For in PLM Prices2018-12-28T13:24:19-04:00