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Why CX needs to be at the forefront of your PLM evaluation


Summary: CX is a crucial part of selecting a PLM system, that is often forgotten. But its impact on user adoption, process compliance, and profitability are all reasons why it needs to be a priority during your PLM evaluation Customer experience (CX) is traditionally something PLM vendors leave by the wayside. Rip and replace methodologies, implementations that can last years, and [...]

Why CX needs to be at the forefront of your PLM evaluation2018-12-28T12:22:52-04:00

Smart Industry 2018 Summary


We just got back from the 4th annual Smart Industry 2018 Manufacturing Technology Conference, where we learned all about the state of digital transformation in manufacturing. Here's our 5-point summary. 1. Digital transformation in manufacturing doesn't have to be hard One consistent theme was that digital transformation, IoT, Industry 4.0 — they don't have to be clunky, multi-million dollar projects. It [...]

Smart Industry 2018 Summary2019-01-03T14:55:54-04:00

How to measure the ROI of PLM


PLM isn't like other software. Return on investment (ROI) can't be calculated from a single number. Product lifecycle management software slips and slides into the crevices of your business. It wraps itself around your organization and delivers: Time savings Cost savings Reduced opportunity cost Better risk management Each of which contributes to the ROI of PLM. And yet, the ROI of [...]

How to measure the ROI of PLM2018-12-28T13:11:59-04:00

What’s next for the cleantech industry? 5 threats to be ready for


No industry is immune to disruption. Even the disruptive cleantech industry can be disrupted. Meta-disruption, if you will. With that in mind, here are 5 threats we think cleantech companies need to watch. 1. The cleantech industry reliance on lithium-ion batteries Cleantech is overwhelmingly focused on renewable energy, electric vehicles (EV), and converting static power grids into smart ones. And these [...]

What’s next for the cleantech industry? 5 threats to be ready for2019-01-15T12:42:56-04:00

Why Companies Are Jumping on the Cloud PLM Bandwagon


Summary: there are two cloud PLMs on the market now. SaaS Cloud PLM — where providers embrace iterative development, SaaS business models, and software integration — and Cloud Lite, where products are delivered over the internet but are at best a reskin of on-premise solutions. While a step in the right direction, Cloud Lite fails to achieve the benefits SaaS cloud [...]

Why Companies Are Jumping on the Cloud PLM Bandwagon2018-12-28T13:29:18-04:00

6 Cash Flow Risks Hardware Scale-ups Need to Watch


Bringing new products to market is difficult. Only 24% of hardware scale-ups even make it as far as the second round of funding. And cash flow challenges makes this challenge much greater. Today, we're looking at the 6 most common reasons hardware scale-ups who are focused on new product development struggle with cash flow, and what to do about them. 1. [...]

6 Cash Flow Risks Hardware Scale-ups Need to Watch2018-12-28T13:31:09-04:00

6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Give up Excel


Summary: Excel limits manufacturers because it makes it difficult to track and manage complex production data. As your team grows, it should outgrow Excel for manufacturing. Excel powers SMBs. And with good reason: Excel is an extraordinarily powerful tool for manipulating data. Everyone has it Everyone's comfortable with it No training costs Rapid deployment. Combined with CAD software and a shared [...]

6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Give up Excel2018-12-28T13:32:42-04:00

Why Open Source PLM Doesn’t Mean Free


Summary: Open source PLM often bills itself as free. But in fact, there are a number of costs other than licensing that open source PLM providers use to generate revenue that drives up the total cost of PLM.  Open source (OS) solutions are increasingly common in enterprise solutions. There are robust CRM solutions like SugarCRM (until 2014) and SuiteCRM, and of [...]

Why Open Source PLM Doesn’t Mean Free2018-12-28T13:33:41-04:00

Are You Beating Your Manufacturing Production Deadlines?


Summary: Automated workflows are key to hitting manufacturing production deadlines. They facilitate communication, collaboration, and faster, less risky product launches.  Whether it's your boss assigning a task or a client assigning a project, we all have deadlines to hit. So how can a business make it easier to beat manufacturing production deadlines without risking quality or consistency? That's the exact question [...]

Are You Beating Your Manufacturing Production Deadlines?2019-01-03T15:15:04-04:00

The 3 Flavors of PLM You Need to Know


Summary: there are three major types of PLM: specialist providers; modular PLM systems, and dedicated cloud PLM solutions. They all have pros and cons, and it's about choosing the right solution for your business.  Product lifecycle management software comes in almost infinite flavors and combinations. And if you think you need PLM, it can be hard to know where to start. So [...]

The 3 Flavors of PLM You Need to Know2018-12-28T13:35:43-04:00