Feature Spotlight: CAD Data in the Cloud

Product / Feature Spotlight: CAD Data in the Cloud
CAD data in the cloud

Summary: Success in the manufacturing industry requires innovation and fast product development. CAD is essential for this process, but the enormous file sizes mean cloud storage for CAD files in the cloud is rarely the streamlined reality that’s advertised. Our innovative technical solution means that CAD files are uploaded and downloaded in record speed, making CAD data in the cloud a reality for the very first time.

Rapid product development is a top priority for manufacturers, and efficient product design is the first step. 3D CAD programs are the how of product design and are what engineers use to create new products. With speed as a primary concern in product development, the historically slow CAD data upload/download speeds to and from the cloud just don’t cut it.

Roadblock: CAD data in the cloud

PLM software aims to streamline product development, but the transmission of CAD data isn’t as efficient as it needs to be. That means that CAD data is often left off the cloud, which makes it extremely challenging to share data across a globally distributed value chain. Organizations rely on local servers that they work off — servers that are disconnected from the broader stakeholder network.

CAD data in the cloud

Conflicting file versions, outdated data and slow data retrieval are the top 3 data management challenges during product design.

Productivity Impact

So what does this really cost? Lost time and wasted labour are the big challenges. The reality is, engineers either end up spending hours waiting for the most recent version of designs or build locally-based workaround processes that circumvent enterprise governance and version control measures.

Over 15% of company time is spent on non-value added tasks related to data management.

The Upchain Approach

We store CAD data in the cloud so that everyone in the value chain can collaborate on designs. We make CAD data accessible to everyone in the value chain, from globally distributed engineering departments to auxiliary stakeholders like procurement, marketing, and sales.

That way, the engineering department can get feedback on designs from the other stakeholders early.

Companies using cloud based data management systems experienced a 9% increase in profit margins and 4% increase in revenue growth.

Under the hood: cloud delta technology

We speed up CAD transmission through our proprietary delta technology. It works like this.

First, We upload the entire CAD file to the cloud.

Next, when an engineer makes a change to the file, we don’t upload the whole new version for v2. Instead, we compare the changes and only upload what’s different to form a new v2.

You’ll go from waiting on gigabytes of data to reach the cloud, to mere kilobytes.

Upchain increases the speed of CAD data transmission by 30%.

Bullet Point Summary:

  • Fast product launch is necessary to stay competitive in the manufacturing industry.
  • CAD data transmission is a huge impediment in the process of product development.
  • Upchain’s delta technology speeds up CAD file sharing by 30%…
  • … minimizing delays in CAD data transmission speeds up product development.

Image credit: Tim Gouw via Unsplash