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The 3 reasons product development teams fail


Summary: New product development is a critical source of revenue for manufacturers, that product development teams largely fail at. Help your teams excel with these simple solutions. New products are a crucial part of profitability, but very few product development teams excel when it comes to launching them. Of the 30,000 new consumer products launched each year, the Harvard Business School [...]

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Why you Lose out with Homegrown Systems


Summary: Homegrown systems can be effective short-term, but as organizations grow, they fall short. Based on the processes of the past, homegrown systems don't hold up long-term. We know managing data is hard. In fact, it's a problem 58% of manufacturers experience. 58% of manufacturers don't have a well-defined data management strategy in place. And things only get more difficult as [...]

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Why Product Data is the Key to Profitability


Summary: Product data is dispersed throughout organizations which makes it hard to find and access. Centralizing this information improves efficiency and maximizes profitability. If your organization is involved in making things, it's imperative to make the most out of your data. Particularly when it comes to product data. Today we're going to look at: Where product data goes wrong How product [...]

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Scaling the Tech Stack


Summary: Scaling a hardware startup is a challenge. But it's can be made easier with a data-driven strategy. Software that integrates with other solutions is key when it comes to leveraging data and scaling your tech stack. When you first start a hardware startup, the pressure is to scale. But it turns out it's not that simple. With 97% of hardware startups [...]

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How to measure the ROI of PLM


PLM isn't like other software. Return on investment (ROI) can't be calculated from a single number. Product lifecycle management software slips and slides into the crevices of your business. It wraps itself around your organization and delivers: Time savings Cost savings Reduced opportunity cost Better risk management Each of which contributes to the ROI of PLM. And yet, the ROI of [...]

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Why ECRs are Costing You


Summary: Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, don't have to be as time-consuming as they so often are. Efficient data management, combined with automated workflows keep engineering teams focused on delivering value, cutting production costs and delivering better products faster. Engineering Change Requests, or ECRs, play a big role in product development. And they might be costing you. Not only are they [...]

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5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For in PLM Prices


Summary: Organizations often end up paying way more for PLM software than they anticipate. Why? Because of the hidden fees vendors fail to mention upfront. There are 5 cost centers that greatly increase the price of PLM, so make sure to consider them during evaluation. The sticker price of PLM is rarely the whole story. In the 2018 CIMdata market analysis [...]

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6 Cash Flow Risks Hardware Scale-ups Need to Watch


Bringing new products to market is difficult. Only 24% of hardware scale-ups even make it as far as the second round of funding. And cash flow challenges makes this challenge much greater. Today, we're looking at the 6 most common reasons hardware scale-ups who are focused on new product development struggle with cash flow, and what to do about them. 1. [...]

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6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Give up Excel


Summary: Excel limits manufacturers because it makes it difficult to track and manage complex production data. As your team grows, it should outgrow Excel for manufacturing. Excel powers SMBs. And with good reason: Excel is an extraordinarily powerful tool for manipulating data. Everyone has it Everyone's comfortable with it No training costs Rapid deployment. Combined with CAD software and a shared [...]

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The 3 Flavors of PLM You Need to Know


Summary: there are three major types of PLM: specialist providers; modular PLM systems, and dedicated cloud PLM solutions. They all have pros and cons, and it's about choosing the right solution for your business.  Product lifecycle management software comes in almost infinite flavors and combinations. And if you think you need PLM, it can be hard to know where to start. So [...]

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