The world of cloud PLM and enterprise software explained.

Why 2019 is the year for PLM software


Summary: Product lifecycle management software continues to evolve. In 2019, we think PLM is going to be all about Industry 4.0, customer experience, implementation times, and integration capabilities. Product lifecycle management software has evolved greatly over the years. And that evolution is set to continue into 2019. Here are the 4 major trends we expect to see in the PLM space [...]

Why 2019 is the year for PLM software2019-01-24T10:57:13-04:00

How to guarantee a successful product launch


Summary: Follow these five tips for a successful product launch! Over 30,000 products were launched last year in the US. Among such a deluge, how do you make yours stand out? It's a question many product leaders ask, but few can answer. Thankfully, this post provides some insights on the topic with 5 tips that are sure to result in a [...]

How to guarantee a successful product launch2019-01-16T10:42:12-04:00

The 5 ways engineers can improve time to market


Summary: Time to market is a key metric for engineering teams that can be improved with these 5 simple steps. The time it takes for a product to get to market has a big impact on its later success. Research has shown that a product's time to market influences: The market share a product holds The length of a product's sales [...]

The 5 ways engineers can improve time to market2018-12-27T10:43:57-04:00

The 3 reasons marketing and sales need your product data


Summary: Product data is often siloed in engineering, despite the value it offers to a manufacturer's marketing and sales strategy. The role of sales and marketing in an organization is to get people interested in purchasing a product. Which is why it's so important these departments know the product they sell inside and out. And while teams do this the best [...]

The 3 reasons marketing and sales need your product data2019-01-09T09:41:46-04:00

7 easy ways to cut your product development costs


Summary: Your product development costs are higher than they need to be. Follow these 7 tips to cut them down to size. Over the last decade, manufacturers have struggled to contain rising product development costs. And rightfully so. Forbes reported a x4 increase in product development costs between 2008 and 2013. With the cost of materials, labor, and production steadily climbing [...]

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The 3 reasons product development teams fail


Summary: New product development is a critical source of revenue for manufacturers, that product development teams largely fail at. Help your teams excel with these simple solutions. New products are a crucial part of profitability, but very few product development teams excel when it comes to launching them. Of the 30,000 new consumer products launched each year, the Harvard Business School [...]

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Why you lose out with homegrown systems


Summary: Homegrown systems can be effective short-term, but as organizations grow, they fall short. Based on the processes of the past, homegrown systems don't hold up long-term. We know managing data is hard. In fact, it's a problem 58% of manufacturers experience. 58% of manufacturers don't have a well-defined data management strategy in place. And things only get more difficult as [...]

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Why product data is the key to profitability


Summary: Product data is dispersed throughout organizations which makes it hard to find and access. Centralizing this information improves efficiency and maximizes profitability. If your organization is involved in making things, it's imperative to make the most out of your data. Particularly when it comes to product data. Today we're going to look at: Where product data goes wrong How product [...]

Why product data is the key to profitability2019-01-07T12:08:34-04:00

Scaling the Tech Stack


Summary: Scaling a hardware startup is a challenge. But it's can be made easier with a data-driven strategy. Software that integrates with other solutions is key when it comes to leveraging data and scaling your tech stack. When you first start a hardware startup, the pressure is to scale. But it turns out it's not that simple. With 97% of hardware [...]

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How to measure the ROI of PLM


PLM isn't like other software. Return on investment (ROI) can't be calculated from a single number. Product lifecycle management software slips and slides into the crevices of your business. It wraps itself around your organization and delivers: Time savings Cost savings Reduced opportunity cost Better risk management Each of which contributes to the ROI of PLM. And yet, the ROI of [...]

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