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Painless Product Development: Avoiding Bottlenecks


Every organization strives to simplify product development. Managing people and change is hard but getting rid of bottlenecks is achievable if you give development teams the right tools. When it comes to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), product data and processes are key elements. Development teams who know how to leverage data and control their processes avoid pain points and increase their chances [...]

Painless Product Development: Avoiding Bottlenecks2021-06-17T13:29:17-04:00

How Cloud PLM gets you to Industry 4.0


Summary: Many manufacturers talk about Industry 4.0, but less than 3% of them have actually achieved it. Cloud PLM makes it easier for manufacturers to leverage the data necessary to make Industry 4.0 a reality. Industry 4.0 in manufacturing is here, but few are taking advantage of it. Despite, the progress made in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, [...]

How Cloud PLM gets you to Industry 4.02019-07-09T10:14:07-04:00

What Is Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing?


Summary: SCM is a software solution that helps companies make their supply chains as efficient as possible, usually by reducing inventory without compromising service levels. For manufacturers of complex products, SCM also catalyzes collaboration between the engineers who design assemblies and the suppliers who make them. What is supply chain management in manufacturing SCM software creates processes and workflows that manage [...]

What Is Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing?2019-05-21T13:30:04-04:00

Why CX needs to be at the forefront of your PLM evaluation


Summary: CX is a crucial part of selecting a PLM system, that is often forgotten. But its impact on user adoption, process compliance, and profitability are all reasons why it needs to be a priority during your PLM evaluation Customer experience (CX) is traditionally something PLM vendors leave by the wayside. Rip and replace methodologies, implementations that can last years, and [...]

Why CX needs to be at the forefront of your PLM evaluation2020-01-08T10:40:51-05:00

7 Reasons why not having a cloud based PLM hurts you


Summary: A cloud based PLM is crucial for efficient product development. Without it, expect to get smoked by the competition. PLM ain't what it used to be. Cloud based PLM has transformed the landscape in a big way. Rapid implementation and monthly user fees based on a SaaS pricing model have made it available to small and mid-sized businesses who have [...]

7 Reasons why not having a cloud based PLM hurts you2020-01-08T09:58:19-05:00

Why Does B2B Software Suck?


Summary: B2B software lacks the positive user experience B2C solutions offer. The rise of SaaS with its focus on customer-centricity is, however, changing this, and improving B2B software for the better. Software has become a staple of everyday life and is used daily both at work and at home. And while the software we use at home has improved by leaps [...]

Why Does B2B Software Suck?2019-01-07T10:48:10-05:00

Why Open Source PLM Doesn’t Mean Free


Summary: Open source PLM often bills itself as free. But in fact, there are a number of costs other than licensing that open source PLM providers use to generate revenue that drives up the total cost of PLM.  Open source (OS) solutions are increasingly common in enterprise solutions. There are robust CRM solutions like SugarCRM (until 2014) and SuiteCRM, and of [...]

Why Open Source PLM Doesn’t Mean Free2018-12-28T13:33:41-05:00

Single-Tenant vs Multi-Tenant Hosting


Summary:  Multi-tenant and single-tenant hosting are two ways SaaS companies provide their services. Multi-tenant hosting is when many clients exist on the same software instance, sharing infrastructure, database, and/or an application server. It’s less expensive but comes with risk. Single-tenant is when a tenant doesn’t share anything. It’s more expensive and requires much more administration because it requires having a full software [...]

Single-Tenant vs Multi-Tenant Hosting2018-12-28T13:59:40-05:00

Best of Breed Software with Cloud PLM [Webinar Summary pt 2 of 2]


Last week we were part of a webinar where we worked with both and CIMdata PLM expert James White to look how companies can leverage best of breed software with cloud PLM. This is the final installment of a two-part series summarizing that discussion. Last week, we looked at what James White, Strategy Practice Director at CIMdata, had to say [...]

Best of Breed Software with Cloud PLM [Webinar Summary pt 2 of 2]2020-01-08T09:54:26-05:00

The 6 Completely Predictable Reasons Your Traditional PLM Is Failing You


Summary: Traditional PLM systems are large, difficult projects that are prone to failure. However, a cloud PLM system can mitigate many of the challenges associated with PLM implementation with an inexpensive, standardized approach that offers out of the box functionality from day one. Projects fail. Everyone knows this. But what you might not know is that traditional PLM projects a lot [...]

The 6 Completely Predictable Reasons Your Traditional PLM Is Failing You2019-07-04T10:16:31-04:00