Future trends and predictions of what’s next for PLM and the complex manufacturing value chain.



Upchain has posted its third instalment of our four-part series: Simplify, Collaborate, Integrate and Innovate. Click the link to check out how Upchain is driving collaboration. In the 1990’s it was popular to describe how we balance work and personal life as “work-life-balance”. This phrase assumed work and home to be discrete physical places. Today they often are not. Prior to COVID-19 [...]




This is the second instalment of our four part series on the four tenets of Upchain: simplify, collaborate, integrate and innovate.         In 2016, dozens of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s were overheating, exploding and injuring people. It became such a concern that the phones were banned from being brought on to planes. All of the phones were recalled, a scandal that cost [...]


How PLM software can change your business


Summary: Traditional PLM was made up of data silos and outdated information that led to costly production errors. But with the incorporation of the cloud and other digital technologies to this, companies are able to meet their manufacturing goals, from budget to deadline. Did you know that in 2016 alone, the PLM software niche was valued at $18.80 billion? This is [...]

How PLM software can change your business2021-02-12T03:53:57-05:00

A lack of collaboration in the workplace hurts your bottom Line


Summary: Poor collaboration in the workplace reduces quality, productivity, and profits. For teams to successfully collaborate, data needs to be easily accessed and shared across the value chain. There's been plenty of hype surrounding collaboration in the workplace. But does it actually impact organizations as much as we think it does? Today we're going look at what collaboration in the workplace [...]

A lack of collaboration in the workplace hurts your bottom Line2019-07-04T10:34:47-04:00

Is digital twin technology a reality for SMEs?


Summary: Digital twin technology is promising for manufacturers, but doesn't deliver the ROI for SMEs. Cloud PLM is the easy way to make data-driven decisions without over-investing in data management resources and software. Digital twins have caused a lot of hype in the manufacturing industry. So we're going to look at what this buzzword means and its impact on manufacturing. We'll [...]

Is digital twin technology a reality for SMEs?2019-05-08T14:45:57-04:00

5 frustrations of working with contract manufacturers


By: Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity   The CM conundrum Working with contract manufacturers can be one of those “you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them” scenarios. Leveraging contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) is a reality for many companies and can be a great way to jumpstart a product when you don’t have the time or capital to bring up your [...]

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Why hardware startups can’t afford to fail slowly


Summary: Hardware startups don't have the time or money to fail slowly. By connecting processes and people, cloud PLM lets them fail fast, and get innovative products to market quickly. The hardware industry is a competitive place to be, especially if you're a newcomer. Of the hundreds of hardware startups that crop up each year, very few find success. In fact, [...]

Why hardware startups can’t afford to fail slowly2019-01-07T10:57:40-05:00

Why slack joining atlassian is a big deal


Summary: Slack partnering with Atlassian demonstrates the importance of technology that integrates and is best of breed. When sifting through software options, these are two qualities that are a must. In software, you have options galore. A large part of filtering through your options is considering whether you want a single suite solution or best of breed software. Today, we're going [...]

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Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot


Summary: A quick pivot feels out of reach for many hardware companies. But it doesn't have to be that way. Organized product data is a simple way to make pivoting faster cheaper, and easier for hardware companies. Did you know that 97% of hardware startups aren't successful long-term? "97% of hardware startups ultimately fail or fizzle out without a large exit." [...]

Why Product Data is the Key to a Quick Pivot2018-12-28T13:10:34-05:00

What’s next for the cleantech industry? 5 threats to be ready for


No industry is immune to disruption. Even the disruptive cleantech industry can be disrupted. Meta-disruption, if you will. With that in mind, here are 5 threats we think cleantech companies need to watch. 1. The cleantech industry reliance on lithium-ion batteries Cleantech is overwhelmingly focused on renewable energy, electric vehicles (EV), and converting static power grids into smart ones. And these [...]

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