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Future trends and predictions of what’s next for PLM and the complex manufacturing value chain.

Engineering Managers Are Shopping More. Learn Why.


Summary: the world of manufacturing is changing. Engineers are spending more time focusing on procurement in manufacturing, shopping and buying just the right part/sub-assembly to deliver the end-product to market quickly. Processes and systems need to be updated in order to meet this changing role. Being an engineer might not seem like a job more prone to build over buy. But [...]

Engineering Managers Are Shopping More. Learn Why.2019-01-02T15:22:55-04:00

6 Market Drivers for Medical Device Manufacturers


Summary: operational efficiency and profitability are the primary drivers for medical device manufacturers. Healthcare providers tasked with lowering their costs will shop around an expanding market for the best price. Manufacturers need to cut their own costs while retaining quality — and will turn to cloud solutions, partnerships, and more to do so while still meeting stringent regulatory requirements. We’ve been talking [...]

6 Market Drivers for Medical Device Manufacturers2019-01-02T15:27:44-04:00

Are You Ready for the SaaS B2B Revolution?


By Spencer Grover Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products are saturating even more business functions. Success in ‘business lite’ areas like CRMs has driven 50%+ adoption, paving the way for core business applications like ERP and supply chain management to go SaaS. Traditional barriers like security and reliability are being outweighed by benefits like no customization and effortless updating/software versioning. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, [...]

Are You Ready for the SaaS B2B Revolution?2019-01-02T15:28:52-04:00

Why You Should Care About Platformization


By Spencer Grover Summary: Suppliers either can’t afford or are reticent to buy industry-leading PLM  software. But with SaaS platforms, they can get all advantages of best-in-class products at a fraction of the cost. What is platformization? Platformization is when you create a marketplace/environment as your service,  then charge people to use it. And to keep people around, you add value [...]

Why You Should Care About Platformization2019-01-02T15:30:10-04:00

The Truth About Who Can Win with Customer-centric Innovation


“Customer-centric innovation” was recently cited as a key tenant of digital transformation by Forrester. Which got us thinking: What does customer-centric innovation actually mean for suppliers? How can OEM/OBM suppliers turn customer-centric innovation into a reality? We’re going to answer those questions today. What is customer-centric innovation? Customer-centric innovation is pretty much what it sounds like: it’s product innovation where the [...]

The Truth About Who Can Win with Customer-centric Innovation2019-07-04T10:40:23-04:00

3 Trends to Watch in the Medical Device Manufacturing Space


The medical supply chain is changing fast. Here are the 3 key trends that medical device manufacturers need to watch over the next 5 years. 1. Cloud-based solutions will become a lot more significant Medical device manufacturers need to embrace cloud technology in the coming years. Why? Because there’s increasing pressure on healthcare providers to lower costs and improve patient [...]

3 Trends to Watch in the Medical Device Manufacturing Space2019-01-02T15:37:52-04:00

3 Reasons You Should Adopt Software Platforms Right Now


By Spencer Grover Summary: Platformization is barrelling towards SME product lifecycle management (PLM), driven by software proliferation and sophistication, as well as the demands of suppliers, brands, and consumers they ultimately serve. Cloud-based PLM is a rapidly emerging product. For major brands like Apple, Ford, or Boeing, it means that their lives get a little easier. But for smaller organizations who [...]

3 Reasons You Should Adopt Software Platforms Right Now2019-01-02T15:41:44-04:00

The Best MBE Explainer On The Internet


By Spencer Grover Summary: A model-based enterprise (MBE) is a new paradigm to manage manufacturing processes. It puts a model of whatever you’re making at the heart of your process, then uses it to power your product development. MBE creates a shared version of truth and prepares organizations for the next wave of digital transformation. The model-based enterprise, or MBE, [...]

The Best MBE Explainer On The Internet2019-01-03T15:56:06-04:00

9 Reasons Why the Cloud Makes PLM Better


By Spencer Grover We’re a cloud PLM company, so needless to say, we think cloud computing is pretty darn cool. But we also know that there’s confusion over what cloud computing actually is, and why there’s such a hullabaloo over it. So we thought we’d clear the air and outline why we love The Cloud. Here we go! 1. Faster [...]

9 Reasons Why the Cloud Makes PLM Better2019-01-02T15:46:05-04:00

Are you ready for the next-generation of PLM software tools?


By Spencer Grover Summary: The next generation of PLM software tools are here. It’s inexpensive cloud PLM software that implements quickly, works right out of the box, and integrates with everything and everyone. It’s PLM, but for the 21st-century value chain. Change for manufacturers is hard. Pushing updates to a car isn’t as easy as rewriting a few lines of code. [...]

Are you ready for the next-generation of PLM software tools?2019-01-15T11:31:06-04:00