Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

Upchain / Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts
computer laid flat part by part

Welcome to Upchain! We’re a cloud-based PLM platform that’s designed to bring the power of collaborative product lifecycle management to the entire value chain.

At Upchain, our vision is a world where  data is integrated and interconnected across different organizations and structures, and everyone has access to mission-critical files. We want to make it so that collaboration drives iteration, innovation, and new product development faster and more efficiently than ever before, where designers and engineers  work hand-in-hand with business stakeholders, and organizations are always on the same page.

The Upchain Gameplan

Our goal is to create a platform that members of the value chain can use to deliver products and services and effortlessly share data. To do that, we’ve built the Upchain product on four pillars: accessibility, simplicity, customer-centricity, and value.

Data Accessibility

We want every file and every format to be supported and accessible by every single stakeholder. We think that true collaboration only happens when every stakeholder has the full picture and data can be shared easily and securely. That’s why we built our product to be CAD-agnostic, leveling silos and allowing each user to see and use project data from within the stringent security of the cloud.  


Software has to be easy. It has to be easy to review, approve, and reject changes, to share ideas and feedback, and to move from concept to reality. When software is difficult, people find alternatives. That’s why we’ve made our product to work like your favorite personal apps and integrate with your work ones. We want our solution to be the easiest part of your day, not a dreaded task you hate.


We think customers should be the beating heart of organizations. We think that good design and good products start and end with a good user experience, and we think that the best way to realize our goal of total collaboration is to realize total customer satisfaction.

Focus on value

We want our customers to get the most possible value out of our product, and we want it to be available to as many people as possible. While our product is great on its own, we know that the true power of the platform emerges as more and more people come onboard. That’s why we’re committed to value to our core:

  • Our cloud-based SaaS business model enormously reduces the cost of entry.
  • We consistently reinvest in the product so we’re constantly improving.
  • Works right out of the box — no long-term consulting relationship or months of implementation needed.

Collective Collaboration

We believe that together, these four pillars will build the collaboration the supply chain needs. We know that all manufacturing starts and ends with data. We know that simple solutions are best, and that simple processes and systems are much more likely to drive results. And we know that putting the customer first is the best way to deliver a product that people use and love.

When people have access to the data they need in a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly way, we think that they’ll work together to produce something incredible.

Together, we can build something better than the sum of its parts.