Meet the Upchainers: Imran B

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Meet the Upchainers: Imran B

Welcome to Meet the Upchainers, where we meet the people who make Upchain actually work and make next generation PLM a reality.

Imran B profileImran is our solutions consultant. He helps us understand our client’s business needs and translates those needs into actual solutions. We chatted about what brought him over to Upchain after 10 years in the industry.

What do you do for Upchain?

I’m a solutions consultant or solutions engineer. My job is twofold.

First, I help clients see the value of our product by really getting into the details of how Upchain can impact their business. I’ve worked around CAD and CAD PLM programs and implementations for 10 years, so I know a fair bit about the challenges that manufacturing businesses face.

Second, I help clients identify and optimize their processes. I’ve found that a lot of organizations have a “process” in the sense they have a ‘this is how we do this specific thing’, but that process is informal, undocumented, and lives inside the heads of people who have been with the company for years.

It’s an organic result of solving discrete problems rather than someone stepping back and saying “ok, what’s the best way to get from A to B?”

I help pull the process out of that institutional memory and define it so that we can start to build things like workflows and stage gates that make sense for the organization.

What were you doing before Upchain?

Before I worked in a similar role but more from the consulting side. I would go in and help clients understand what they needed their CAD PLM software to do, and then build out that software to match the organization’s needs.

That was what my job description said anyways. In reality, I did a bit of everything – implementation, training, customer support, responding to RFQs and RFPs, – whatever was needed.

What brought you to Upchain?

Oh so many reasons. Like I said, I’m pretty used to doing a bit of everything which is cool because that’s what Upchain values.

I love that we’re building something from the ground up. The expectation is that you just get it done, rather than waiting around for permission. I like that. I also love that we’re building from a clean slate. For example, I demo our CAD PLM integrations a lot for clients to show them how our product works. I was able to build out a process that worked for me and will scale well.

That freedom to do things your way, and more importantly, the trust that you’re going to do a good job, is just fantastic.

I also think that attitude is so critical to serving customers effectively. When I demo, for example, it’s not like there’s lots of red tape saying ‘this is how you have to do this.’ If I know that a SolidWorks integration is super important to a client, then that’s the thing I demo first. I don’t need to ask anyone permission – it’s just the best way to serve our customer. That sort of customer-centricity is found at every single level of the organization.

What about the product gets you fired up?

For me, it’s all about ease of use. Like I said, I implemented CAD PLM for years at a consultancy and I watched customers struggle so much with what should have been an easy to use tool. That’s extremely frustrating as a solutions consultant because you end up saying ‘well, that’s the way it is’ way more often than you like.

But Upchain is so intuitive. Every detail from the interface to the very bones of how the program is built is designed to just… work.

I mean, when I was brought on initially, I was playing with the tool over a weekend and within two days I had figured out how to import and manipulate data, create workflows, make changes, and manage resources with nothing more than the help documentation we already have.

That self-serve capability is so critical to actual product use adoption, and I so excited to be working with a product that feels like it’s been built customer first.

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