Meet the Upchainers: David C

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Meet the Upchainers: David C

Welcome to Meet the Upchainers, where we meet the people who make Upchain actually work and make next generation PLM a reality.

David Cho, MDR Extraordinaire & Next Generation PLM ZealotDavid Cho is our resident MDR and comes to us from a background managing logistics for major organizations He recently went back to school to get his degree in economics and finance from York University. We sat down to chat about why he joined Upchain and why he’s excited about next generation PLM.

Why did you want to work with Upchain?

I always wanted to be in the software industry. First, because software is absolutely critical to businesses today – and that relationship can only go up. Being in an industry that’s thriving, especially in a tech hub like Toronto, is incredibly exciting.

What gets you excited about your job here?

For me, it’s all about the team. My dad told me: if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.

At Upchain, I’m literally never the smartest person in the room.

The team that John’s assembled is best-in-class in every one of their chosen fields. There are not that many jobs where you can honestly say you learn something new every single day, and for me, that’s a big deal.

Plus, everyone else so excited to help me succeed and grow. There’s a genuine interest in helping me build and develop my skills and pushing me outside my comfort zone – a push I’m always grateful for.

… and the beer fridge we have in the corner ain’t too bad.

What do you do for Upchain?

My official title is marketing development representative.

I work with our marketing team to reach out to people who have put up their hands saying:

“hey, I’m pretty interested in next generation PLM solutions”

to see if our product is right for them.

But mostly, I talk.

I talk to prospects about their pain.

I talk about their current process and what isn’t working. About what sucks about their job, and what manual tasks they wish they had a robot for.

Which for me, is awesome. I mean, I love to talk, and here I am getting paid to do it! It’s hard to ask for more.

What’s your favorite part of the Upchain product?

I’d say that the best part is the collaboration we can facilitate. The ability to replace clunky Excel spreadsheets and convey ideas to non-engineers in an easy-to-use tool is pretty cool.

Seeing the organizations we help and watching the information flow between different departments, and hearing how much more efficient people are now compared to the pre-Upchain era is something that I think is unique to us. I’ve never worked for a product where the contrast between before and after is so sharp, and where clients are so surprised and excited to be on the new system.

For instance, seeing clients who used to have one computer and one guy who could access CAD files transforming into everyone having access to that data, and what that does for an organization both technically and culturally is just astonishing.

What does the future hold for David Cho?

Short term, I just want to be good at my job. I want to grow and learn as much as possible and just soak in extra info that floats around our office, and I want to pair next generation PLM with the right clients.

Long term, I want to become a business analyst. I want to help companies make data-driven decisions so they can be more profitable, whether they’re deciding what new printer to buy or what new product to launch.

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