Painless Product Development: Avoiding Bottlenecks

Every organization strives to simplify product development. Managing people and change is hard but getting rid of bottlenecks is achievable if you give development teams the right tools.

When it comes to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), product data and processes are key elements. Development teams who know how to leverage data and control their processes avoid pain points and increase their chances of delivering quality products on time.

  1. Connect teams to data. From ideation to launch, product development is a team effort, and a seamless process will only be possible if product stakeholders can collaborate efficiently. To achieve that, development teams must be able to create and share product data easily, and make it accessible anywhere, anytime. Allowing stakeholders to stay connected to their product throughout the development process creates a strong vision that allows development teams to focus on turning great ideas into amazing products.
  2. Data at their fingertips. The successful use of data is what drives product development. Development teams can’t afford to waste time recreating templates, searching for approvals and feedback emails or dealing with duplicate file problems. Product data needs to be tracked, catalogued, and organized so that teams can use it to generate ideas for improvement and to prioritize the design of features or updates.
  3. Process automation. Successful product development teams are also process-driven teams. This requires discipline but teams who stay on top of their processes can spot roadblocks and solve issues early, so they can manage product changes at every stage and keep the development process moving swiftly.

Faced with the pressure and demands of a highly competitive global market and with new workplace realities, a growing number of companies are turning to cloud-based PLM solutions to streamline their product development process.

Cloud PLM offers benefits such as accessibility, easy integration, scalability, security, and low IT and infrastructure costs, that are essential in creating an agile development environment for product teams.

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