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We’re excited to be attending Solidworks World from February 4th-8th.

Solidworks World is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in L.A., California.

The event is hosted by Solidworks, a CAD software by Dassault Systemes.

Solidworks World

Solidworks World is a community event for the engineers and designers who use Solidworks as their primary innovation tool.

With an anticipated 5,000 attendees, the event is a chance for Solidworks power users to network, collaborate and share ideas.

Attendees also have the opportunity to sharpen their design skills as Solidworks World hosts over 250 technical training sessions throughout the conference.

Why We’re Going

As a cloud PLM provider, we work to connect the product lifecycle from start to finish.

Our goal is to have data flow seamlessly between business units so the whole value chain is connected.

And this begins in the first stage of the lifecycle with the engineers responsible for product creation.

Solidworks Integration

We’re excited to announce that our cloud PLM solution has a native integration with Solidworks.

This means that engineers can design without interruption, as our software creates a central repository of product data behind the scenes.

The benefits of this?

  • Product data is no longer siloed within engineering but is instead accessible by all stakeholders.
  • Information is always up to date, and you’re never waiting for someone to send you the latest version of something.
  • Engineers spend less time on tedious admin tasks and have more time to innovate.

Wrap Up

We’ll be at Booth 335 throughout Solidworks World for those of you interested in:

  1. Overcoming the data silos that plague engineering
  2. Enhancing product innovation

We hope to see you there!

Image Credit: Skitterphoto via Pexels