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Dynamic plugins

Collaborate with business stakeholders

Business stakeholders can work in the programs they know to collaborate with engineering teams.

  • Reduce engineering workloads by providing data access when and where it’s needed.

  • Streamline stakeholder engagement with plugins for Microsoft office products like Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word.

  • Engage business operations like procurement early and cut the cost of changes by up to 20%.

Excel integration
SolidWorks integration

CAD Integration

Integrate with everything

Integrate with the mechanical and electrical CAD software that you and your clients are already using. Collaborate across the value chain, without the need to buy additional expensive CAD licenses.

  • Read and write over 20 CAD file formats

  • Advanced plugins for NX, Creo, Catia, Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks

  • Electrical CAD compatibility includes EPLAN, Zuken, AutoCAD Electrical, and Promis.e


Complete product visibility and control

Real-time visibility and control over your team and project across the product development network.

  • Complete executive visibility into your organization’s projects.

  • Spot and resolve problems early and keep your projects on track to drive product goals.

  • Leverage product data to deliver better products to market.

3D CAD Viewer As Standard

3D CAD Viewer

Deploy a cloud PLM that works for clients, IT teams, and you

Integrate with multiple ERPs, SCMs, and CAD formats and enable transparent data sharing across all product stakeholder

  • No additional support fees.

  • 3D view of product data included with every license.

  • Eliminates the need for translation service and costly additional software by providing access to required files needed to all stakeholders

Change Management

Manage product changes and track issues automatically

Change management made simple. Issues, RFQs, ECRs and ECNs fall within their own workflows

  • Automate the review process and ensures staff are held to timelines to respect your deadlines.

  • We keep track of all changes throughout your product’s lifecycle and provide you with in-context links to all relevant product data and affected processes.

  • Ensures proper flow of change packages, which fully automates and streamlines the change process.

  • Complete reduction of administrative, engineering and manufacturing costs.

Change management capabilities
BOM management in the Upchain web interface.

BOM Management

Never manually manipulate your bill of materials again

Sync your BOM with the underlying CAD metadata and track changes as they cascade through your design.

  • Automated parts numbering systems keep data organized.

  • Establish a single version of the truth and unite your CAD and BOM once and for all.

  • Mulitple BOM views keep teams in the loop and on track.

  • Lower procurement costs with efficient, systematic purchasing.


Regulatory compliance as standard

Work within highly regulated environments and ensure your files are kept safe and secure.

  • Structured file format keeps your compliance information organized.

  • Automated version control shows you who changes what, when they changed it, and why.

  • Track & manage compliance standards and certificates.

  • Streamline audit prep time from weeks to hours.

Simplified Corporate Governance

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