Features that check all the boxes

Cloud PLM features

BOM management

Keep your bill of materials organized and your data up to date.

  • Autogenerate a BOM from any information format you need (SKU, XML, etc…).
  • Highlight changes between different BOM versions in data and in geometry to quickly see what’s changed.
  • Your BOM is automatically linked to your CAD metadata. When one changes, so does the other.
  • Role-based views of the same underlying BOM keeps users focused and data organized.

Automated parts numbering

  • Automated unique parts identifier system to suit your business.
  • Revision information and part specs attached to each unique part, independent of the unique identifier.
  • Use your existing part numbers from suppliers / your ERP and attach critical engineering metadata.
  • “Where used” search identifies where each part is used throughout your organization.

Change management

Configure custom change management processes in minutes so your ECNs, ECRs, and other change processes can finally have a permanent home.

  • Create and manage ECRs.
  • Review all changes with a configurable review and approval processes.
  • Track every change, who made it, when, and why.
  • Automatically meet ISO, internal, and external compliance standards for controlled change management processes.
  • View, review, and approve changes to CAD models, in 3D, without the underlying CAD software.

2D / 3D CAD viewer and markup

Give sales, marketing, suppliers, partners, and even customers a view of your CAD data, in 2D or 3D, and in real time, without buying them expensive CAD licenses.

  • Let your stakeholders view 3D CAD renderings without expensive software.
  • Mark up CAD drawings using simple annotations like text boxes and shapes.
  • Share marked up CAD files with anyone within the Upchain product.
  • Mark up files from within programs you already know like Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Dashboards and KPIs

See your product status in real time and track progress at every single stage. Identify and overcome roadblocks early so you can deliver on time and under budget.

  • Project dashboards give you a bird’s-eye view of your project.
  • Resource utilization for both teams and machines maximizes efficiency.
  • Quickly identify and resolve critical and overdue issues to keep projects moving forward.

Agile project management

  • Built-in templates get you started fast, and fully configurable stage gates, milestones, and tasks let you adapt to meet the needs of your project.
  • Email notifications keep you up to speed, even when you’re away from your desk.
  • Create dependencies or serialized tasks to ensure teams move quickly without skipping critical requirements.

Cloud PDM features

Check in / check out file management

Keep your CAD and project files obsessively organized automatically. Check in / check out file management means there’s only ever a single active version of a file, where every change is tracked, who made it, when, and why.

  • If one person checks out a file, another person can’t be editing it at the same time.
  • When a new version is checked in, changes cascade automatically across related project files like bills of materials, project specs, and business documents.
  • Collaborate globally without relying on emailing files and PDF exports back and forth.
  • Clone assembly and part files as needed to reuse the design work you’ve already done.

Automated revision control

Track every change automatically. See who changes what, when and why, and most importantly, revert back to a previous version as needed.

  • Review all previous versions, even months or years after a project finishes.
  • Reuse old designs again and again, saving hours of reverse engineering.
  • Preserve design change records indefinitely.
  • Automatically ensure you’re meeting compliance standards for file control, versioning, and revisions.

Cloud storage for CAD

Store your CAD in the cloud for instant access, anywhere in the world.

Rapid upload / download speed

Upload and download your data to the cloud incredibly quickly with our unique delta technology.

  • Only upload / download the CAD metadata, not the entire CAD file.
  • Only upload / download the components that have changed, reducing file size by up to 99%.
  • Download CAD directly to your local machine for offline access.

Workflow and integration features

Configurable workflows

Never customize again. A modular workflow editor gives you the tailored workflows you need, without custom coding and with no risk of rev-lock.

  • Out-of-the-box templates to get you started fast.
  • Dedicated customer success teams to help you tailor your workflows to suit you.
  • Span multiple tools that your team is already using.
  • Define your own stage gates and approvers.
  • Flexible workflows map to any existing business process.

API and web services integrations

Get any data where it needs to go or pull in any data that you need to do your job with simple and flexible API integrations.

  • Connect any enterprise software tool (ERP, SCM, CRM, QMS, etc…) to your product data.
  • Let other teams use their own tools to pull out your product data and power their processes.
  • Push and pull your product data beyond your four walls to connect with customers, vendors, and suppliers.

Business software plugins

Connect formalized systems with the business tools you’re already using to get the control you need with the functionality and experience you’ve come to expect.

  • Plugins for Outlook and Gmail let you approve changes without switching programs.
  • Excel and Google Sheets plugins let you manipulate and change data in the programs you like without giving up documentation, tracking, and a controlled environment.
  • Powerpoint and Word plugins keep presentations up to date with the latest version of files and images automatically.

CAD software integrations

Keep designers innovating by bringing your organized product data directly into the programs that they’re already using.

  • Connect directly to your PDM from within your CAD tool for check-in / out, search, version / revision, and drawing control.
  • Open, view, link, and export metadata from any CAD file format.
  • Native plugins for SolidWorks, Catia, Onshape, Creo, Siemens NX, and Inventor let designers receive assignments, project updates, and tasks without leaving their CAD environment.
  • BOM integrations for EPLAN, AutoCAD Electrical, Promis.e.

See all features

CAD plugins
Use Upchain from within every major CAD program.

Microsoft Office plugins
Use Upchain from within the programs you already know.

BOM management
Track, update, and share BOM data in real time.

API integrations
Push and pull product data wherever it needs to go.

Revision control
Full PDM with check-in / check-out functionality.

ECR creation and management
Create and manage engineering change requests.

Project dashboards
Get a birdseye view of your project.

Automated parts numbers
Configure your parts numbering to suit you.

3D CAD viewer & mark up
View and mark up CAD files without CAD software.

Out of the box functionality
PLM that works from day 1.

ERP integrations
Connect to any ERP or ERP instance you need.

Customized workflows
Configurable workflows to suit your business.

Multi-CAD viewer
View and use any CAD file you / your supplier needs.

Document management
View, track, and revise any document you need.

Secure CAD storage
Secure AWS cloud storage for all your CAD data.

Granular permission control
Role-based permissions keep your data secure.

Hybrid cloud deployments
Your security is our top priority.

Comparison overlays
Compare two versions of a file with dynamic overlays.

GD&T and design document review
Review and mark up design documents.

File import / export
Import and export XML, PDF, Excel, and image files.

Electrical CAD integrations
Integrate with EPLAN, AutoCAD Electrical, and Promis.e.

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