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Keep your data organized with Upchain cloud PDM software

Simplify how you manage product data so it’s organized, accessible, secure, and automatically version controlled.

  • File management: Check in or check out CAD files
  • Multi-CAD integration: Integrate data and systems with pre-built CAD plugins
  • Automated revision control: Track every change automatically

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PDM features that check all the boxes

BOM management
Sync any BOM and CAD data automatically and leverage user-defined views to create a shared version of truth across your teams.

Change management
Make engineering change management easy with issues and ECRs falling into workflows that you build and own.

Version control
Automatically track every change. See who’s made an edit, when, and why and revert to previous versions at the click of a button.

Check in / Check out
Ensure there’s only ever a single active version of a file, where every change is tracked, who made it, when, and why.

Project dashboards
Get real-time visibility into your processes and keep new product development on track.

Data management
Upload/download CAD data from the cloud 98% faster than any other PLM solution on the market.

Dynamic plugins
Collaborate with business stakeholders and empower them to contribute with tools they already know.

3D CAD viewer & markup
Business stakeholders can markup any CAD files without the expensive CAD license to get your engineers the feedback they need, fast.

Configure your workflows and visualize your process to move projects from stage to stage automatically.


What is PDM software?

Product Data Management (PDM) software is a tool used to track and control product data, usually based on CAD files. PDM software makes it much easier to control who has access and who can change your product data.

What does check-in / check-out mean?

Our PDM works with a check-in / check-out file approach. This means every time a part of the file is changed, it needs to be “checked out”, edited, and then checked back in. When it’s checked out, no one else can edit it. When it’s checked back in, a change record is created that documents what changed, who changed it, and versions up the entire file.

This means you know exactly what’s changed for every piece of your product, at every stage of the product lifecycle.

How does a PDM help my engineering team?

PDM makes your engineering team a lot more efficient because you’re not spending time looking for files, recreating files, reworking them because someone used the wrong version, or exporting and sharing data to teams who don’t have access to engineering tools.

I have a PDM. Can I still use Upchain?

Absolutely! You can keep your existing PDM system like Vault and still leverage Upchain as your cloud PLM.

Are you only cloud-based?

No. We also offer hybrid and dedicated hosting solutions.

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Cloud PDM by numbers

engineering hours saved every week

improvement in engineering efficiency

reduction in file packaging time

“Before Upchain, we had a non-professional paper trail and design control. Now, our design work is like how we do things in our factory — standardized and repeatable. We needed a standard way to make a design, and Upchain provided that solution.”

Tyson Proffitt
Design Engineer, Ceramaspeed

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