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That’s why we built a solution that gets you up and running fast. But then we thought: “we can do more.” So we started writing, building, coding, crafting, and curating the most useful assets that we could for the world of cloud PLM. And this is the result — a constantly updating library of ebooks, webinars, guides, tip sheets, and more for those who use and think about cloud PLM. Please enjoy.

How to make a business case for PLM

Learn about the ways a cloud PLM system improves team efficiency, and use this ebook as the ammunition you need to push your PLM project forward.

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Green Machine

Green Machine Equipment [Case Study]

Learn how Upchain helps Green Machine Equipment create greener products and maintain ISO certification.

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The power of PLM

The power of PLM [Infographic]

Discover the tangible improvements manufacturers see when they use PLM.

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your product is too expensive

Your Product is Too Expensive [Report]

Learn why product development teams miss their cost targets, as well what steps can be taken to keep them on budget. Learn more »

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Time to market - Why do product teams fail?

Time to Market – Why do Product Teams Fail? [Report]

Discover what separates high and low performing product teams, as well as the necessary steps to launch products on time, and on budget. Learn more »

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Why there’s no industry 4.0 without PLM

Why There’s No Industry 4.0 Without PLM [Ebook]

Industry 4.0, is the objective of many manufacturers but is only a reality for some. Learn why cloud PLM is an essential part of your Industry 4.0 strategy. Learn more »

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How to make a business case for PLM [Ebook]

Learn about the ways a cloud PLM system improves team efficiency, and use this ebook as the ammunition you need to push your PLM project forward. Learn more »

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product development divide

The Product Development Divide [Ebook]

Discover what differentiates the high-performers in product development from the low-performers, as well as the steps you need to take become a top-performer. Learn more »

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Webinar: How to win at at product development

How to Win Big at New Product Development [Webinar]

Struggling with new product development (NPD)? You’re not alone. Join our NPD webinar and hone your NPD in just 30 minutes. Learn more »

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Cloud vs On-premise PLM [Eguide]

Get to the bottom of the cloud vs on-premise PLM debate one and for all, and see if cloud PLM is right for your business in our cloud vs on-prem PLM head to head comparison. Learn more »

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Engineering COM Research Report: Identifying the Core Issues that Frustrate Product Development Teams Research Report: Identifying the Core Issues that Frustrate Product Development Teams [Report]

What is stopping product teams from developing products that are truly innovative? Or that launch on time? Or meet cost targets? surveyed 234 product development professionals to find out. Learn more »

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The Complete Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Complete Guide to Contract Manufacturing [Eguide]

Discover how to get more from your contract manufacturing partner in our free guide. Plus, get a 6-point cheat sheet to evaluate your current CM relationship! Learn more »

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Ceramaspeed [Case Study]

Learn what this smart cooking technology company realized when they deployed a cloud PLM solution that finally met their needs.

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Scaling the Tech Stack webinar

Scaling The Tech Stack [Webinar]

Outdated processes giving you trouble? Learn from someone who’s been there and done that. Listen to our growth expert and CRO Mike Domazet talk about his experience finding and fixing inefficient systems in scaling hardware companies to create sustainable, repeatable, and scalable growth.

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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology: The Quick and Dirty Guide [Ebook]

Curious about what all those software acronyms mean? Don’t know the difference between PLM and PDM? Want to see if ERP is right for you? Find out in our rapid read ebook on the enterprise tech stack.
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Upchain Explainer

Upchain Product Brochure

See how Upchain is changing the world of product development, and find out if it’s the cloud PLM solution for you.

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How to Use Workflows to Beat Product Deadlines Live Webinar

How to Use Workflows to Beat Production Deadlines [Webinar]

Project deadlines giving you trouble? You’re not alone. Product complexity is growing while timelines continue to shrink, and engineering managers are feeling the squeeze. Discover workflows that work for you, and never miss a deadline again. Learn more »

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Upchain - Connecting the Value Chain to Accelerate New Product Introduction: Empowering the Product Stakeholder Network with user-centric, cloud-based technology, Upchain's cloud PLM offers the best of both worlds

Connecting the Value Chain to Accelerate New Product Introduction [Ebook]

Find out why CIMdata thinks cloud PLM is the key to uniting enterprise governance with ad-hoc communication tools like email and chat, and how this will help manufacturers launch products faster than ever before. Learn more »

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7 not so common features in PLM Software ebook: features to help you deliver products to market faster with a whole lot less stress. Upchain.

7 Not so Common Features in PLM Software [Ebook]

PLM is a quagmire of features and functions and it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. So here’s our cheat sheet of 7 features we think are essential for any cloud PLM solution to include. Get the ebook now. Learn more »

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Leverage best of breed software with cloud PLM

Leverage Best of Breed Software with Cloud PLM [Webinar]

Learn from CIMdata strategy director James White and our own CEO John Laslavic about the challenges to manufacturing, and how cloud PLM might be the solution that empowers companies to use the best of breed technology they already know. Learn more »

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CIMdata Report

CIMdata: Upchain Connects the Value Chain to Accelerate New Product Introduction [Report]

Engineering is changing, and manufacturers need to keep up with expanding supply chains and contracting timelines. Find out about the challenges facing the product stakeholder network and how CIMdata things Upchain might be the answer.
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