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7 Not so Common Features in PLM Software [eBook]

Deliver products to market faster with a whole lot less stress.

7 PLM features to launch products faster

Products are more complex than ever before, and traditional PLM solutions can’t keep up. Simple tasks like workflow creation, updating a bill of materials, or marking up a CAD file are complex and time-consuming, leaving users frustrated and delaying product launches.

Until now.

Discover 7 not so common features in PLM software that Upchain includes as standard to help our customers innovative faster than ever before.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how Upchain:

  • Uploads and downloads CAD data to the cloud in record time.

  • Makes CAD data accessible to all stakeholders.

  • Creates dynamic workflows to automate change management processes.

  • Revolutionizes your thinking about what cloud PLM can do.

Download your copy of this eBook today.

We’re Upchain. We work with manufacturers to make product innovation easy. Our goal is to take product data beyond engineering while letting people use the tools they already know and love. With Upchain cloud PLM, people can work the way they want with a software that just… works.