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CIMdata: Connecting the Value Chain to Accelerate New Product Introduction [eBook]

Empowering the Product Stakeholder Network with user-centric, cloud-based technology.

Discover how to use the tools you like and get the enterprise governance you need

Designing complex products in the modern value chain is no picnic.

More suppliers, more procured-in content, and more aggressive timelines push manufacturers further than ever before. The people who make up the product stakeholder network end up relying on ad-hoc solutions like email and chat to meet deadlines — solutions that get the job done, but don’t meet compliance and governance requirements that organizations need.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How you can connect your systems and suppliers on a single platform
  • How to continue to use email, chat, and programs like Excel while still getting the formalized workflows you need
  • How to manage projects with a high amount of procured-in content and still meet deadlines.

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