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Engineering is changing

Manufactured products are increasingly complex and supply chains are increasingly long and convoluted. CIMdata reported that most manufacturers are now procuring in up to 70% of the final product as they struggle to operate effectively with a globalized supply chain and a pace of innovation that only get faster.

And yet, disparate product participants regularly fail to communicate. Errors are made – often costly ones. But CIMdata thinks Upchain might have the solution.

Find out how we keep product innovation moving with our collaborative cloud PLM that connects the value chain.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The major challenges facing manufacturers today

  • The emergence of a product stakeholder network

  • How Upchain is fuelling innovation with its cloud PLM solution.

We’re Upchain. We work with manufacturers to make product innovation easy. Our goal is to take product data beyond engineering while letting people use the tools they already know and love. With Upchain cloud PLM, people can work the way they want with a software that just… works.