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Freedom with guard rails: enabling PLM processes step by step [Webinar]

How can one be free yet bounded by guard rails?

Freedom with guard rails sounds like a dichotomy. How can one be free yet bounded by guard rails? Moreover, PLM is all about control of people, processes, systems and organizational structure. That’s not freedom.

In this webinar James White, VP Partner Enablement at Upchain and Joseph Anderson, President at IpX will confront the dark reality of traditional PLM implementations; that the original vision is rarely realized due to time, complexity, and cost reasons, resulting in gaps, rework loops, and manual touch due to discontinuous systems and tools.

James White and Joseph Anderson will outline how Upchain software rapidly enables CM2 processes which are defined by IpX, to create a series of well organized quick wins, one workgroup at a time. IpX lay the ground work with CM2 services (the guard rails) and Upchain software enables those processes to provide a flexible powerful product development platform.


James White
VP Partner Engagement, Upchain
James White is an Industry Executive and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Business Transformation and Additive Manufacturing (AM)/3D Printing. He has strong client skills with extensive industrial manufacturing experience in global Hi-Tech, Medical Device, Automotive, Aerospace and Discrete industries, delivering disruptive products, systems, and solutions.

Joseph Anderson
President, IpX
Joseph joined IpX in 2016 and was instrumental in building the True North Enterprise Calibration™ model. In addition to leading the expansion of IpX training opportunities such as RISE, Retention through Inclusion, Service and Equality®, a training and service model providing methods for globalization of diversity and inclusion initiatives. He has more than 20 years of experience within the automotive, aerospace, marine and defense industries in various executive positions.

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