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How to win big at new product development [Webinar]

Are you a new product pro?

New products are responsible for 50% of new business revenue.
But for such an important thing revenue driver…

Teams are shockingly bad at it.

According to new research from, most product development pros report that they’re only “so-so” at delivering innovative products on time and on budget.

So we thought we’d help.

Join us as manufacturing and product development expert Mike Domazet walks us through the research and uncovers exactly what separates good teams from bad.

You’ll learn:

  • The tools top-performing teams use every day (and the tools to avoid)
  • The #1 barrier to launching innovative products
  • The real reason teams miss their product delivery deadlines
  • 5 ways you can improve your new product development processes

View the webinar now.

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