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Manufacturing Technology: The Quick and Dirty Guide [eBook]

Discover how enterprise technology can work for you

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Enterprise technology shouldn’t be complicated.

Getting to the bottom of what every product in the manufacturing tech stack does is a bewildering task. PLM, ERP, SCM, PDM, MES, DVT, QMS, WMS, CMMS – the acronyms alone are enough to send most of us running for the hills.

So we thought we’d wade through the nonsense and get to the bottom of what these solutions actually do.

Read our quick and dirty guide to the enterprise tech stack and discover:

  • Where PLM came from and why it’s the glue to modern manufacturing
  • The history of ERP and why it’s used by almost everyone (despite not necessarily being the best tool for the job)
  • 3 questions to ask yourself before you but a PDM solution
  • Why SCM software is flying off the shelves these days.

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