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People-Ready PLM [Webinar]

Traditional PLM is an enterprise system to govern what people do; how long they take, their tasks, responsibilities and even how much they can see. PLM removes discretion from people because people are unreliable, systems aren’t. One consequence of this is that people get discouraged. They find workarounds to get their work done because PLM systems are cumbersome and unintuitive. And that compromises the single source of truth, a fundamental tenet of PLM.

Upchain’s thesis in designing a new SaaS Multi-Tenant PLM solution is that people must be empowered. People must be at the center of PLM, not serve it, and it must support how people prefer to work. Upchain does just that and keeps track of what people do so work policies and traceability are maintained. A dichotomy? Watch Upchain’s webinar People-Ready PLM to:

  • Learn how PLM projects can be initiated from within CAD and MS Office tools
  • Learn how enterprise PLM can be powerful yet easy to enable, learn and use
  • Gain understanding of how to balance user productivity and corporate governance
  • Learn how to build a compelling business case for SaaS PLM
  • Understand why traditional PLM is so hard, and how PLM in 2020 doesn’t have to be

View the webinar now.

We’re Upchain. We work with manufacturers to make product innovation easy. Our goal is to take product data beyond engineering while letting people use the tools they already know and love. With Upchain cloud PLM, people can work the way they want with a software that just… works.