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SaaS PLM for Supply Chain‑Centric Innovators [eBook]

Choosing the right PLM Solution is different in 2020 because industry and technology has changed.

Manufacturers have largely evolved from vertically-oriented businesses that engineered and produced everything in-house to supply chain-centric entities that innovate, engineer, and manufacture as part of a dynamic supply network.

Supply Chain-Centric Innovators are companies that often procure and integrate complete modules, subsystems, and autonomous units to deliver a comprehensive solution.

This transition has changed engineers’ roles and the tools they need to collaborate and manage product development.

  • What should supply chain-centric innovators consider when they’re exploring a PLM solution?
  • How has the PLM landscape changed over the last several years, and how does SaaS fit into that picture?
  • What is the role of engineers in modern Supply Chain-Centric Innovator companies?

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