Upchain’s User-Centric Approach to Enabling PLM [eBook]2020-10-20T10:57:00-04:00

Upchain’s User-Centric Approach to Enabling PLM [eBook]

Simple is Hard—But When You Get It Right, You Can Change the World

cimdataCIMdata just published an eBook titled “Simple is Hard—But When You Get It Right, You Can Change the World”. That’s a laudable claim but rarely associated with enterprise PLM which is notoriously complex. Is it possible to make PLM simple? CIMdata is the foremost independent authority on PLM since the early 1980’s. In this eBook they summarise how Upchain have done “the heavy lifting” to make enterprise PLM simple without sacrificing features or capability to do real production work.

Key themes:

  • User centric PLM requires the implementation of capabilities and enablement of processes that are honed and optimized from a user perspective, while minimizing user task clicks
  • Upchain has architected a SaaS solution to make it easily adaptable to an organization’s changing business requirements while still delivering a user-centric user-first experience.
  • Upchain enables an environment that best satisfies the five Strategic Imperatives for product innovation platforms while making the user experience simple
    1. Connection to data, systems, tools
    2. Gravity
    3. Flow
    4. Openness
    5. End-to-End Lifecycle Support

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