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Cloud PLM for project managers

Project managers are the glue that holds manufacturing processes together.

And cloud PLM is the software equivalent.

Access mission-critical product data to share with relevant teams, automate workflows to keep projects moving, and identify roadblocks and issues quickly using dashboards and reports. Cloud PLM is the project manager’s best friend.

Why PMs love Upchain

email plugins

Microsoft Office plugins

plm software connects stakeholders

Connects every single product stakeholder

configurable workflow

Configurable workflows

plm software rapid implementation


plm software visibility

Define your own workflows

Configure a system that works for your business and will evolve as your processes do.

  • Map workflows to existing business processes
  • Define stage gates and approvers to prevent errors and mistakes
  • Build workflows using Visio and import directly into Upchain
plm software workflows

Complete product visibility and control

Real-time visibility and control over your team and project across the product development network. Spot and resolve problems early and keep your projects on track to drive product goals.

  • Dashboards give complete visibility into your projects
  • Identify roadblocks quickly and act accordingly
  • Gantt charts keep your projects on track
plm software plugins

Work within tools you know

Work within tools like Excel, Outlook, Word, and Powerpoint. No training, no documentation, and no PM retooling required.

  • View and approve changes from within your email via the Upchain plugin
  • Assign tasks that go directly to your engineering team in their CAD program of choice
  • View your team’s workload and distribute tasks to maximize efficiency
  • Connect Upchain to Powerpoint and Word and create reports with up to date data in seconds


How do I configure workflows?

We have out of the box templates to get you started and we’ll help make any specific modifications that you need as we go.

What kind of training and support can I expect?

We offer unlimited support from our customer success team. We’re there to help get you up and running, provide ongoing support and training, or just answer any questions you might run into. You can get in touch via email, or phone, and we’re constantly adding to our knowledge base so you can get the info you need, fast.

How does Upchain do integrations?

We integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite and all major CAD programs via plugins that we built and manage ourselves. We also have custom integrations pre-built for a number of ERPs. On top of that, we use web services and REST APIs to push and pull data wherever it needs to go.

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Features project managers love

plm software granular permission control

Granular permission control
Role-based permissions keep your data secure.

plm software email plugins

Microsoft Office plugins
Use Upchain from within the programs you
already know.

plm software document management

Document management
View, track, and revise any document you need.

plm software workflows

Customized workflows
Configurable workflows to suit your business.

plm software eer creation

ECR creation and management
Create and manage engineering change requests.

plm software project dashboards

Project dashboards
Get a bird’s-eye view of your project.

plm software api integrations

API integrations
Push and pull product data wherever it needs to go.

plm software erg integrations

ERP integrations
Connect to any ERP or ERP instance you need.

plm software file import

File import / export
Import and export XML, PDF, Excel, and image files.

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